Nursing Care

High-quality, person-centred care is at the heart of Boclair Care Home, and this is enhanced by our daily well-being programme. Our friendly and qualified team is experienced at identifying when Nursing Care is the right option for you or your loved one and delivering personalised care to cover a variety of unique needs.

Our dedicated nursing team provides around-the-clock care for our residents with physical disabilities and high-dependency needs, as well as end-of-life care. Boclair Care Home strives to provide our residents with the assurance of professional nursing care, while still keeping their independence where possible.

What is Nursing Care?

Nursing care is designed for residents who require around-the-clock medical and personal care. Nursing care is most appropriate for individuals who need rehabilitative care, those with physical disabilities and those who have long-term health issues; assisting in medical, as well as personal living needs.

All of our residents have access to on-site assistance from nursing professionals, no matter the time of day; making us an excellent choice for people who have medical conditions that need 24/7 care.


Nursing Care at Boclair

We strive to deliver comfortable medical care that enables residents to live a happy and fulfilled life. Our person-centred approach allows us to create care plans that are personalised to individuals needs and ensures that the best care for them is delivered each and every day.

We recognise that residents with nursing needs require care that not only reflects their medical needs, but also their physical, psychological, emotional, and social requirements also. We continually aim to go above and beyond each and every day to provide comprehensive care; looking after the overall wellbeing of all residents to ensure that their health, hearts, and minds are equally cared for.

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